Shabby Chic Angels


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A set of three shabby chic style angles in different colours. pink, blue and green. The price is for one piece. Approximately 16cm tall.

Angels are sent to us to bring love, compassion and healing. Their power and healing come from true unconditional love and wisdom. They are roughly equivalent to pagan and North American Indian totems and spirit guides, except our Guardian Angels are with us from birth to death, while spirit guides tend to change as our spiritual development changes.

Keep your awareness of these wonderful angels by having a figurine where you see it every day. Angels are beautiful messengers and embody so much that is good. They are common to so many traditions and beliefs. Although angel gifts and ornaments such as we sell aren’t actually angels, they do remind us of all that is good in them and maybe the good in us too! Your guardian angels have messages that can help you heal every area of your life – relationships, body, career and mind.

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shabby chic angels

Green Hope, Blue Faith, Pink Love.


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