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The Ancient Wisdom Coloured Soapstone Fragrance Range is imported directly from India and is handcrafted in the merchant city of Agra, the traditional centre for Indian soapstone production. The stone is a natural product which is sanded under water to produce the smooth finish. Dyes are then applied to the stone before the designs are hand etched onto the finished product. Made from natural stone, every piece is unique. Ideal resin burner. 4 inches or 104mm High, 76mm diameter. Available in red, green or blue.

Small charcoal rounds can be used to burn resins, herbs, incense, and heavy aromatic gums for ceremony and scent. Burned alone or in combination with other fragrant natural materials such as powdered barks, flowers and essential oils. In ancient times, hot embers from the fire were used to burn incense resins. Today most cultures around the world use manufactured charcoal pucks, made from compressed powdered, partly burnt wood. Often these are impregnated with Saltpeter so they burn evenly.

  • Light an edge of the puck with a lighter. (Hold it on the opposite side!)
  • When it starts to sparkle a bit, or make a slight crackling, hissing sound, then the Saltpeter has been activated and the coal is igniting
  • Place your coal on sand, powdered rice (I prefer this) or cat litter if using, and give it at least one minute to sit
  • Pass your hand over it, if you feel it is emitting heat then all is good
  • Take a small piece of resin, (the size of small pea or a lentil), and place it in the middle of the charcoal
  • It will shortly release its fragrance and smoke, and there you have it

Pure, natural incense.

Never leave lit charcoal unattended, or close to flammable materials.

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Weight 575 g
Resin Burners Coloured

Blue, Red, Green


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