Purple Thulite Tumblestone


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Purple Thulite Tumblestone lifts your heart, mind and spirit as well as healing your physical heart and keeping it working in peak condition. It lets you See clearly using both your head and heart, and helps you to laugh more and release unnecessary drama. Let Thulite enhance your sense of well-being!

Thulite is a joyful stone that reminds us that all the pleasures of life are proof that the Divine loves us and wants us to be happy! It encourages us to be more spontaneous, creative, and open to adventure. Thulite opens the heart to unconditional love and makes us more generous in giving love and more gracious when receiving love. It reminds us that we ARE our Highest Self, we just forget to act like it sometimes, and can become addicted to staying small. Thulite whispers sweetly that all we need to do is step back into the Light and just BE. Thulite is attuned to the Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, and Throat Chakras.

Thulite gently removes negative vibrations from our emotional body and encourages us to see the silver lining in dark, stormy clouds. Thulite is believe to aid the physical heart and keep it working in peak condition. It is also said to fortify the nervous system and digestive tracts, and keep the body stable during time of high stress. Thulite is commonly used by metaphysical healers for fertility treatments and to heal the sexual and/or reproductive organs.

For additional information on this loving stone, please visit our Crystal Information pages.

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