Labradorite Tumblestone


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Stones measure approximately 20-30mms. Price is each. Wonderfully iridescent.

Labradorite is a master healer of the spirit and protects the body against external negative influences. It gives quick relief to worry and tension and gives you back your enthusiasm, inspiration and self confidence. A highly mystical and protective stone. It treats disorders of the eyes and brain and is useful against

  • colds
  • gout
  • and rheumatism
  • balances hormones
  • and lowers blood pressure.


  • banishes fears and insecurities
  • and the psychic debris from previous disappointments
  • including those experienced in past lives
  • It strengthens faith in the self and trust in the universe
  • It removes other people’s projections, including thought forms that have hooked into the aura
  • Labradorite calms an overactive mind and energizes the imagination, bringing up new ideas
  • It brings contemplation and introspection
  • Synthesizes intellectual thought with intuitive wisdom
  • it is an excellent dispeller of illusions, going to the root of a matter and showing the real intention behind thoughts and actions.

For more information on this special stone please visit our Crystal Information Pages.

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