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Kinnick Kinnick pipe mixture is used to train Shamans in the skills of divination and prophecy. 28g/1 oz. Kinnick Kinnick is a ceremonial smoking blend of herbs that is smoked in a Native American peace pipe, their sacred pipe, and made of willow bark, chamomile and herbs. We do not recommend Kinnick Kinnick for minors. Traditionally the smoke is often not inhaled. The most potent symbol is the blowing out of the smoke, carrying your prayers. The herb mixture can also be burned in a bowl. From the Native American tradition, the smoke from the pipe carries prayers to the creator. Often carried in two parts (bowl and stem, symbolic of male and female), they are brought together for ceremonies.

Smoking a pipe as part of a ceremony or spiritual offering seems to have been about as common as smoking it for personal satisfaction. For personal use, tobacco was consumed primarily in pipes and was smoked by both men and women, but never by children. Kinnick kinnick:-various other herbal substances, usually red willow-was mixed with strong native tobacco in varying amounts to suit the individual smoker. Personal pipes were small with a short stem. Kinnick kinnick literally means “what is mixed,” and refers to plant materials that Indian people mixed with tobacco for smoking. Use of Kinnick kinnick was widespread in North America but the ingredients varied regionally. In the Woodlands, the favorite ingredients were the inner bark of certain willows, dogwoods, or sumac leaves. The final mixture usually only contained about one third tobacco.

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