Healing Bag of Crystals to help with Osteoporosis


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Healing Bag of Crystals to help with Osteoporosis. We suggest the following crystals

  • Amazonite – helps with calcium absorption and cell regeneration. No 1 crystal for osteoporosis
  • Sunstone – helps with vitamin D absorption and to absorb the calcium in our diets for stronger bones. Sunstone is also a great anti-depressant and will help the wearer to feel more positive and enthusiastic about life
  • Malachite – has strong healing properties that deal with swelling and pain and other symptoms of Osteoporosis
  • Fluorite – balances the body’s energies, increases bone density and helps to heal fractures
  • Apatite – a balancing stone that eliminates over and stimulates under-activity. Heals bones and encourages formation of new cells

For more information on the healing powers of these crystals please visit our Crystal Information Pages

You can carry these stones in your pocket, in your purse, in a pouch around your neck, or even sleep with them beside your bed or under your pillow.

Crystal healing is a complementary aid to Osteoporosis.

It’s important to use all the conventional routes to prevent Osteoporosis such as to increase calcium intake through diet, supplement and food rich in Vitamin D. General exercise and weight bearing types of exercises are great to maintain bone density. Lifestyle factors, such as smoking and excessive drinking, also contribute to Osteoporosis.

Photos are for example only. It is a good idea to programme your bag of crystals when you first use them. Simply hold the bag in your dominant hand, concentrate on them and say 3 times: I want …… A list of the properties of the stones are included.

When you first learn that you have osteoporosis, you may become anxious. This is especially the case if the diagnosis results from what’s called a low trauma fracture. This means that you broke a bone after an accident that seemed minor or even after no accident at all. If this happens to you, you probably take extra measures to avoid breaking more bones. You might feel that you need to abandon activities that are essential to a good quality of life because of your fear of breaking a bone. You might stop your regular exercise routine or avoid walking outside to prevent falls and broken bones. You may even avoid going to the mall or to the movies where you could be bumped or pushed.

If this is the case, it’s important that you try to manage this anxiety and not allow osteoporosis to interfere with your regular activities. Try and find ways that you can continue to do the things you enjoy. This is critical to maintaining a good quality of life.

Physical Activity
Physical activity has many benefits to your bones and good osteoporosis health, muscle strength and overall health.

Physical activity can also have a positive impact on your mental health. While people with osteoporosis will need to modify exercises and movements to prevent fractures, there are many exercises that can be done safely. See if you can get a referral from your doctor to work with a physical therapist (PT). A PT, who has experience working with osteoporosis patients, can help you develop a safe exercise program.

Walking is also a great form of physical activity, as long as you take the appropriate measures to avoid falls. Don’t walk in bad weather or when visibility is poor. Wear secured rubber or other non-slip soles. Take a cane if you need one. Bring a friend or family member if you can.

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