Divine Angel Amethyst

Beautiful freestanding angels carved from pieces of gemstone and polished so they are smooth and shiny. Our lovely gemstone crystal angels make an enhancing addition to any sacred space. A lovely reminder that angels are always by the side, waiting to be invited into our life, to bring guidance, protection and inspiration in times of need and in times of joy. Divine Angel Amethyst. 3x5x2 (cm).

They are approximately 5cm high. Each piece is unique so size and designs may vary slightly.

Angels are messengers from the higher realm, ready to provide us with emotional reassurances and spiritual guidance. Angels are sent to us to bring love, compassion and healing. Their power and healing come from true unconditional love and wisdom. They are roughly equivalent to pagan and North American Indian totems and spirit guides, except our Guardian Angels are with us from birth to death, while spirit guides tend to change as our spiritual development changes. Love is the key; Love God or whoever you perceive Him to be and Love your Neighbour. Release the Love that is in each one of us.

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divine angel amethyst
divine angel amethyst