Buddha Incense Stick Holder


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Chinese Buddha design incense stick holder. A red resin Chinese Buddha design holder for Tibetan incense. Available in assorted designs. Approximately 22cm long. Catch that Ash.

Stick incense is the most popular form of incense because it consistently burns all the way through, longer time, clean, and a very high quality smoke.

When burning an incense stick, the first step is to get it lit. Just hold a flame to the coated end until the stick lights on fire. If the flame doesn’t go out naturally, you can blow it out using a fan. The stick should not be on fire, but instead you make it smolder. A steady stream of smoke should be released on a glowing tip of the incense stick. It will take around 30 seconds of smoldering before you can have a true scent release from the incense stick. Incense stick should be placed securely into an appropriate incense stick burner once it is smoldering.

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