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High quality, highly evocative European fragranced jar candles. Substantial frosted glass jars. Bolsius have a very good name throughout Europe for quality and these candles are some of the best fragrances we have come across. Variables: Anti tobacco or lilac blossom. Minimum Burn Time – 30 hours. Approx 65(h)x90(diameter)mm.

Allow the natural breeze flowing through your home to disperse the captivating fragrance of Lilac blossoms throughout all your rooms with the reviving Lilac Blossom Bolsius Scented Jar Candles. Lilac portrays the loveliest fragrances and sights of springtime. In the book of flowers, lilac is the symbol of wisdom, remembrance and young love. Promote harmony and invoke your long lost memories with the gorgeous sweet floral fragrance of Lilac Blossom scented jar candles.

Keep your home smelling clean and fresh with theAnti-Tobacco. A special formula that neutralizes odour-causing molecules effectively. They remove the source of odour and leave the room feeling fresh.

Bolsius Candles are made with premium wax that burns with a bright, clear flame. The use of high quality raw materials result in the perfect burning behaviour of all Bolsius candles. They are perfect for creating a welcoming atmosphere, on the dining table or anywhere in the home. Bolsius Scented Glass Jar Candles are self-contained and require no other candle holder and can be placed anywhere in the home. Long burning and bursting with true to life scent, they bring wonderful fragrance and effortless style to any room.

Bolsius Scented Glass Jar Candle: Self contained, safe and ready to use; Natural, pure fragrance; Excellent burning behaviour; Affordable quality; Excellent fragrance intensity; Pure, safe and certified; Premium quality waxes; Burn time approx. 25hrs.

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Weight 365.00 g
Bolsius Jar Candles

Anti Tobacco, Lilac Blossom


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