Angel Star Comfort Cross


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Angel Star Comfort Cross, a worry stone for you to carry in your pocket or purse to use as a touch stone or reminder of your spiritual connection. As you hold the Stone in your hand, allow yourself to feel comfort and peace flowing into your life. Why not give the cross to a dear friend, someone you love or even to a stranger. However used, know that this stone has come to you for a reason.

May Heaven’s Blessings Surround your Life Today, with Gifts of Gentle Healing and Hope along the Way. A Cross to bring Comfort and Hope from Above, Sent to Remind you of the Gift of God’s Love.

Made from cold-cast resin, with the angel finished by hand with a non toxic paint. Approximately 3.6cm in height. The angels are contained in a protective see-through polymer resin making these pocket “worry stones” very robust and suitable for carrying in your pocket or purse. To hold they feel substantial yet lightweight and the nature of the resin means they are not “cold” to the touch and they are pleasant to handle.

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