4 inch Dreamcatcher With Medicine Bag

4 inch dream-catcher with medicine bag. Central cross is dark brown. A beautiful hand made dream catcher. The medicine bag is not really designed to be taken on and off, although it is believed that it could be detached with dexterity if you wished to place a special item within. The leather used in this dream catcher is deerskin, the traditional form of leather for these crafts. Four inch (10.5cm) diameter across hoop. Made by Curtis Bitsui

Curtis Bitsui is a member of the Navajo tribe and lives in the USA. He is traded with directly, which ensures he receives a fair price for his work. All items will be good quality but because of the hand made nature of the goods it is possible that crafts such as these may have small differences between them. These small differences (if there are any) should be seen as a testimony to the fact that you are buying authentic Native American crafts.

  • Part of Native American belief, dream catchers are designed to sit above the bed to catch bad dreams while letting good ones drift down to the sleeper.
  • A medicine bag is a pouch traditionally worn around the neck by Native Americans. The bag is used to carry “medicine”, such as small crystals, rocks, herbs or other items.

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Dream Catcher with medicine bag large 6 inch
Dream Catcher with medicine bag large 6 inch