2 pairs of Earrings with Pentacle Design

2 pairs of Earrings with Pentacle Design, one with hook, the other stud. Both designs are of Sterling Silver and produced by Peter Stone in Thailand. Peter Stone Jewellery purchases raw silver and produces their own true .925 sterling silver alloy in their own factory. Top of hook to bottom of pentacle 2.2cms. Pentacle studs are 10 mm in diameter.

The Pentacle represents good and pure and white magick, a symbol of light and love. Firstly, it symbolizes the North, South, East, West and the Spirit. Second, it symbolizes the Earth, Water, Air, the Spirit and the divine. Third, it symbolizes the God and the Goddess. If encased within a circle, it means wholeness and unity of all quadrants and the elements and our ultimate love for Nature. It is used as a talisman in the form of a pendant or engraved and used as a disc placed on the altar to protect the person while banishing negative energies and auras. If carved from wood, the pentacle is linked to nature and the natural world. If made from gold, it enhances mental clarity, boosts energy and invokes wisdom. If made from silver, it links you to the Moon and heightens your psychic senses and abilities.The pentacle is used to focus and direct energies in magick and also to protect you. Nothing can compete with the absolute protection that a pentacle gives you. Use it to keep negative energies, evil spirits, and demons out during your rituals and spell casting, while you at your most vulnerable. It even gives you the power to command and control the forces who are seeking to harm you.

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Pentacle earrings pair
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