Using Your Crystals

Biopsychospiritus healing tools

We do not diagnose, nor do we advocate alternative healing as a replacement for standard medical treatment.

Crystals provide gentle, non-invasive help for many symptoms of everyday living. Anxiety, depression, headaches and stress are all the result of the fast, chemical-laden rat-race world that most of us inhabit in the 21st century. We pop pills without thought and then take other pills to stop the side effects of the first pills! Help! Slow down! Crystals have no side effects. They bring peace and harmony to the body and ease (instead of dis-ease} to the soul. Feeling tired and lacking in energy? Crystals can help. Instead of healing a specific ailment, crystals heal holistically; i.e. the whole body, and this will include the hidden things that contribute to the ailment. There are many different crystals and the colour may help as well as the electric and magnetic charge and its mineral constituents. A crystal may call to you; one that you feel comfortable with or that gives you a “tingle”. That’s the one {or more} for you. Crystal colours include green, red, pink, blue, brown, yellow, orange and clear. Do you have to believe in them for them to work? Not necessarily. My husband was cured of his anxiety using citrine – but he’s still skeptical. The body was created to heal itself. Crystals help balance the body to enable it to do just this.

Crystals are Balance

As with the like heals like of herbs, the colours of crystals also use like heals like: Red for blood, energising and calming; blue the colour of heaven, having an uplifting effect and lifting darkness; deep purple, the colour of wine for its sobering effect; yellow for bile healing bilious disorders, jaundice, liver; green soothes, has a connection to nature. The shape could also mimic the organ or part of the body it heals. They can be used individually or as combinations.

Cleansing your crystals

Crystals should be treated with care. Many are fragile and/or water-soluble, and some, such as amethyst, can fade in direct sunlight. When not in use it is a good idea to wrap your crystals in silk or velvet to protect them and to stop them from absorbing foreign vibrations. When you receive your crystal it will have been around for many thousands of years. It may have been handled by many different people and might have absorbed some of their negative vibrations. So it is important to spend a little time cleansing your crystal. There are many ways to do this, listed below are some options.

Bury your crystal in the ground
Putting your crystal in the ground overnight clears your crystal of any negative energy. Remember to mark the spot well.
Hold your crystal under running water
Most crystals can be held under running water, preferably naturally running water, but if this is not possible use mineral water. Imagine a waterfall falling over your crystal until you feel that all the negative energies have been washed away. Please make sure that your crystal is not water-soluble before cleansing in this way.
A clue to the water solubility of a crystal can be found in its name. Most water-soluble crystals end in “ite”, such as fluorite, calcite, angelite and sodalite. Lapis Lazuli is also water-soluble.
Use crystals that cleanse other crystals
Some crystals such as clear quartz or carnelian have the ability to cleanse other crystals. You can place a small crystal on top of a Quartz cluster and leave it overnight or keep a Carnelian in a bag of other crystals. This is an extremely useful method for delicate crystals but the cleansing crystals may need cleansing themselves afterwards.
The vibrations of a pure sound can be used to cleanse a stone. You can use a bell, gong or turning fork.
Crystals can also be cleansed using the pure sound and vibration of Tibetan Cymbols Holding the cymbals over a group of crystals and bringing them together to make a sound, makes it possible to cleanse several crystals at once.
Both moonlight and sunlight can be used to cleanse your crystals. However, sunlight can fade some crystals, whereas moonlight is a powerful safe cleanser, and will also charge your crystals.

Cleansing can and should be done on a regular basis. If your crystal is looking dull it may be because it has picked up and absorbed negative energy from the surrounding environment. Try not to let anyone touch your crystal, even though they may be full of good intentions. If your crystal has been handled by someone else then cleanse it to clear any absorbed negative energy.

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