Colour Therapy Using Crystals

Colour Therapy Using Crystals – the Use of the colour in your stones

  • Violet: Calming for body and mind. Good for meditation and prayer. Enhances purpose and dignity. Heightens our awareness and helps us to give of our very best. Purifying.
  • Indigo: Sedative. Helps to open up our intuition. The colour of divine knowledge and the higher mind.
  • Blue: Calming, relaxing and healing. Not as sedating as indigo. Also the colour of communication.
  • Green: Balancing, harmonizing and encourages tolerance and understanding.
  • Yellow: Stimulates mental activity, feeling of confidence. Helpful for study as it helps us to stay alert.
  • Orange: Warming and energizing. Can stimulate creativity. Orange is the colour of fun and sociability.
  • Red: Energizing, exciting the emotions, stimulates appetite.
  • Magenta: is the eighth colour in the colour spectrum and is a combination of red and violet, thus it combines our earthly self and spiritual self, thus balancing spirit and matter. It is uplifting and helps us to gain a feeling of completeness and fulfillment.
  • Turquoise: Cool and calming and good for the nervous system and immune system.
  • Pink: This colour soothes and nurtures. It helps to dissolve anger and encourages unconditional love.
  • Black: Used with another colour enhances the energy of that second colour. Black gives us the space for reflection and inner searching.
  • White: Contains all the colours. It emphasizes purity and illuminates our thoughts, giving us clarity.
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