About Us

My co-founder and I are at opposite ends of the spectrum in our belief ethics but we share a common purpose: using the gifts that nature gives us for our healing.

We have spent decades studying this exciting and fascinating subject, and bring our findings to you for your healing in mind, body and spirit. This is not a New Age fad but remedies that have been proven to bring relief and have been used ever since humans first walked the planet.

Crystals, many of which we offer here, have been dug from this earth for millennia, and herbs have been nurtured and foraged for and used either fresh, dried, in oil or as incense. Wise folk and Shamans have studied their properties and passed their knowledge on from generation to generation for our use, perhaps now more than ever. Prescription drugs have their place but so do these natural remedies, which have far fewer side effects and treat the body as a whole. Reported side effects and adverse effects are extraordinarily small compared to those of pharmaceutical drugs. Synthetic or natural – it’s your choice; it’s your body.

We have a wealth of valuable information on our Information pages to help you understand the properties and uses of these healing tools, and we offer a wide selection for purchase on our Product pages.

We also offer you a selection of items for your enjoyment – or for someone else to enjoy, including mystical creature-themed items such as wolves, owls, ravens, dragons, angels, and the wonderful unicorn and Pegasus.

If you have any questions or special requests, please feel free to contact us.